Senior BI Developer

Engagement Type: Implementation

Description: Experienced BI Developer needed, with a proven track record of 5 plus years in advanced BI development roles, with the following required skills.

Minimum Years Experience: 5 Years.

5 Key Skills Required:

– SQL skills, 8 years plus.
– Analysis Services Tabular Development, 5 + Years.
– Experience working in an agile development team.
– Knowledge of Azure DevOps or similar CI CD tools
– Experienced working in a fast-paced dynamic environment.

5 Areas of Responsibility:

– Develop and maintain complex BI solutions: Design, develop, test, and deploy advanced BI solutions using technologies such as Azure SQL Server, SSIS, AAS, and Power BI to meet business requirements.
– Optimise data models and queries: Analyse data models and queries to optimise performance and ensure efficient use of resources.
– Ensure data accuracy and integrity: Develop and implement data quality checks and data cleansing processes to ensure accurate and consistent data across all BI solutions.
– Identify, report, and fix material bugs and deficiencies in the tools used, utilising internal and external resources.
– Performance tuning of T-SQL queries: Optimise the performance of T-SQL queries by analysing query execution plans, identifying bottlenecks, and using techniques such as index tuning, query optimization, and query hints to improve query performance and reduce query execution time. This requires a strong understanding of the underlying database engine and its query optimisation capabilities, as well as knowledge of T-SQL syntax and functions.

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