Meet Anthony Bridge, one of our Microsoft Dynamics specialist recruiters at Prodapta. Anthony previously worked as a recruiter and is returning to the industry with passion, tenacity and dedication to his clients and candidates!

What were you doing before you joined Ellis Recruitment Group?

Before joining Ellis Recruitment Group, I worked for a small family-run packaging business in the e-commerce space as an internal sales consultant. My focus was day-to-day account management of key clients across the UK and Europe. I enjoyed the role; it enabled me to work with various businesses, identify needs and solve problems through upselling cross-selling channels.

What is an interesting fact about you?

I used to write comedy routines and tried my hand at a few open mic nights. It was and still is a passion of mine. Laughter really is the best medicine!!

What made you decide to come back into the recruitment industry and become a Microsoft Dynamics recruiter?

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to become a dad for the first time. It was such a surreal experience, and for me, it was about looking to utilise the skills I have and put them to good use. It was an easy decision to move back into the world of recruitment and pick up from where I had left off.

What were your first impressions of the Ellis Recruitment Group?

My first impressions of Ellis Recruitment Group have been fantastic. As a company, they are professional and driven. What stands out to me is the attention to detail and commitment to their staff. I was made welcome from the word go as if I had been at the company for years. Everyone is considerate and caring, making the transition as smooth as possible.

How would you describe your Accelerate Recruitment Training?

The recruiter training I received was exceptional. Every day was a school day! I had the privilege of learning from leading IT industry recruitment professionals on everything I would need, from IT systems to IT product training. I can’t thank Alex Tucker (Sales Enablement Manager) enough for his personable approach and 1 to 1 training. I have never had a better base to start building a Microsoft Dynamics recruitment desk, and I owe it all to the fantastic team and Accelerate Recruitment Training program.

Now you’re settled into your recruiter role, is the job as we described it?

It has been a real rollercoaster. Within three months, I have had over twenty interviews and picked up dozens of new Microsoft Dynamics requirements across various organisations, many of which are new, internationally recognised MS365 clients. With the support and training completed, I am in a great place to build on what has been a great start, and I am excited to see what the next year and beyond brings as I continue my IT recruiter journey.

What have been your standout moments to date?

One highlight for me is how invested and engaged everyone is in each other’s success; it is such a collaborative and team-driven environment. The support and infrastructure to help you develop are incredible, and no matter what issues or barriers you face in your role, everyone’s door is open to help. That’s been a standout for me so far.

What do you think makes a good recruitment consultant?

To be a good recruiter, you need to fully immerse yourself in your market and specialise in one area, Microsoft Dynamics, in my case. Personal brand and reputation are everything. Being honest, upfront, driven, and knowledgeable in your IT space will separate you from your competitors.

How does becoming a Microsoft Dynamics specialist recruiter compare to being a more high volume, generalist recruiter? What are the selling points to anyone thinking of starting a career as a specialist IT recruiter?

What separates you as a niche IT specialist, compared to a high-volume high-street recruiter, is the consultant part of the role. Both serve their purpose within the market. Being a specialist enables you to fully understand your clients’ needs and become an extension of their team. So as a niche IT specialist, you can help your client make the right choices for contractors and candidates.

What would you say to anyone who was considering joining Ellis Recruitment Group?

I would say, why wait? If you want to build a remarkable career as a specialist IT recruiter, then Ellis Recruitment Group is the place to be. And by the way, come to Ashford in Kent, England; I work for Microsoft Dynamics specialist recruitment agency Prodapta – we are the best!

What are you most looking forward to as part of the Ellis Recruitment Group team?

Growing my Microsoft Dynamics client base and professional network of Microsoft Dynamics specialists and being one of the leading recruiters specialising in Microsoft Dynamics. For me, that would be a fantastic achievement, and I am already on my journey there.

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